It’s such a busy time right now, but it’s also important that we all pause and take a moment together. We are members of an educational community, and we need to remember to take time to acknowledge each other, establish and re-establish shared purpose and friendships. 

Come relax with your fellow parents and schoolmates for a back-to-school picnic at 1246 Banister Rd, from 4-7 on Thursday, August 30th. SCIP (School, Community in Partnership) will provide basics (grilled hamburgers, hotdogs (and also their vegetarian equivalents), drinks, and so forth). Bring a dish to share if you want to— but don’t let it be the reason you don’t come. What we really want is you

To get there: take the second left off the Brownsville-Hartland Rd onto Cemetery Rd. Forge ahead at the stop sign, and then take a left onto Banister Rd. The road takes a sharp right; go up the hill and turn left at the lone pine tree at 1246. Then follow the signs, driving across the path in the field and up to the top of the hill.

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