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WHat are we doing here? 

What exactly is SCIP’s purpose? 

Our purpose is to strengthen the symbiotic bond between the families and teaching community at Albert Bridge School, and the greater community of West Windsor: the survival of each is largely dependent on the other. 

Is SCIP a non-profit? 

No, currently SCIP is structured as a not-for-profit.

Who runs SCIP? 

We all do. SCIP has no top-down governing structure. It is as much a direct democracy as the town of West Windsor is— we make decisions as a group, and then execute them as smaller groups, with help from people who want to be a part of what we do and think it’s important. If you have a project you think would benefit the school and community, gather your crew together and clue us in! We will support you in whatever way/s we can. 

Is SCIP a PTO (Parent/Teacher Organization)? 

In some respects, yes. In the respect of supporting the teachers and other educators at Albert Bridge School (ABS), it is. In the respect of supporting the students at ABS, it is. In collaborating with Albert Bridge School, it is. 

How is it NOT a PTO? 

It is not a part of any PTO organization; because we feel the small amount of money we have is better spent on activities directly benefiting the school and community, we are not strictly defined by this configuration. Also, SCIP is not strictly a parent-teacher organization; its purpose is partly with a view towards the community at large.